Xenones Filotera


Dining at Xenones Filotera hotel


A trip to gastronomy

Enjoy dishes of creative Greek and Mediterranean cuisine prepared with fresh, ingredients. Ask us about our special menus and cocktails and browse our wine list to discover some of Santorini’s and Greece’sbest wines. 

Our restaurant enjoys an uninterrupted view of the caldera and is the ideal place to share a romantic Santorini sunset, accompanied with a glass of wine or a sophisticated cocktail.

We are happy to satisfy special requests regarding what, where and when you would like to eat or snack on.  Apart from having breakfast, lunch or dinner in our restaurant, you may also enjoy your meals and beverages and enjoy a meal in your room or by the pool any time of day (from 8am to 11pm).

If you wish to enjoy fresh local fish, you can order it a day ahead and we will visit the local fish market in search of the best catch of the day.

Browse our menus here.

Enjoy the best of creative Mediterranean cuisine and Greek wines on the rim of the caldera